For over a decade we have assisted organisations of all sizes achieve their client communication objectives.

Campaigns are varied and diverse. Melbourne Mail Management provides a single platform for all your database driven communications.

Whether you are sending out quarterly newsletters, embarking on a campaign to market products or services or needing to send out notices and renewals, Melbourne Mail Management caters for all aspects of your campaign specifications to achieve your desired outcome.

One of Melbourne Mail Management's strengths is that we can cater for a variety of campaign types.

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Cross Channel Marketing

Cross-Channel marketing is the ability to conduct coordinated and consistent direct marketing campaigns across multiple channels – such as email, direct mail, web and social media.

Direct Mail Marketing | Direct Mail Services

Direct Marketing

Conducting Direct Mail Marketing campaigns to retain or acquire clients requires knowledgeable relationship marketing and communications professionals.

Pick and Pack

Order Management

Efficient picking and packing of goods is essential to fulfilling any orders or requests.


Essential Correspondence

Printing and processing of invoices and statements ensures your essential mailing requirements are handled with accuracy and time sensitivity.

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Direct Marketing

Eware is a unique stock management system which helps ensure your materials are efficiently managed and allows the user to order, store and track their materials online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.