Cross Channel Marketing

In this day and age, the proliferation of marketing and communication channels means that consumers and clients have multiple channel options in how they are and wish to be communicated to.

The ability to deliver a message using multiple channels is quickly becoming an essential factor for marketing success

Whether you are sending out quarterly newsletters, embarking on a campaign to market products or services or needing to send out notices and renewals, Melbourne Mail Management caters for all aspects of your job specifications to achieve your desired outcome.

Key Benefits of Cross Channel Campaigns:
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What Is Cross Channel Marketing

Cross-Channel marketing is the ability to conduct coordinated and consistent direct marketing campaigns across multiple channels – such as email, direct mail, web and social media.

Utilising various channels to deliver a message is commonplace. Utilising those same channels strategically and in a manner that delivers improved engagement and outcomes underpins what cross channel is all about

It involves utilising both online and offline channels in a strategic manner that enables improved engagement and response to achieve a desired objective such as event registrations, voucher redemptions or some other marketing outcome.

Examples of Sales & Product Promotion Campaigns:
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Why Use Cross Channel Marketing

When effectively synchronised across channels, the same marketing budget can significantly raise brand awareness, boost purchase intent and considerably increase sales and response.

Implementing cross-channel campaigns allows you to reach and engage consumers or clients across print and digital media channels with highly personalised messages in content, presentation and timeliness in order to achieve enhanced ROI.

In many cases, marketers are already using different channels so there isn’t a real additional cost accrued. It’s less of an upgrade and more of a reallocation.

It’s about using the same marketing mediums differently, better and more efficiently.

MMM offers a number of template campaigns flows based on marketing objectives and industry requirements or we can customize and build campaigns based on specific needs.

Examples of Sales & Product Promotion Campaigns:
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Facts & Figures

One word sums up why retailers are looking at cross channel commerce – Profitability.

Businesses that use three or more marketing channels see 48% more unique web visitors year-over-year.
-Aberdeen, 2012

Cross-channel consumers are more profitable than single-channel shoppers
– this according to 65 percent of the retailers surveyed by RSR.


By utilising cross-channel campaigns, retailers can get more creative about targeting and engaging their customers with personalized promotions and offers. The net result is more profit than what’s captured by retailers ignoring the cross-channel imperative.

Examples of Cross Channel Campaign Campaigns:

Channel Analysis

In today’s dynamic world, there are numerous channels, both online and offline, available to marketers in order to engage with intended or current customers.

This proliferation of channel options has meant that each channel needs to be assessed and appropriately integrated into the overall campaign strategy based on consumer preference and performance so marketers can create effective and relevant marketing messages.

Below is a brief synopsis of the most popular direct channels that can be used.


When creating an integrated campaign, the web is an integral and affordable channel. It facilitates the creation of microsites with personalised URL’s (PURLs) which provide a means of displaying customised information to each recipient. This in turn engages the customer with meaningful and relevant dialogue. As part of a cross channel approach, certain web features allow you to track, measure and monitor the behaviour of your consumer in real time. This enables you to respond to qualified leads immediately and manage customer relationships more effectively.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail is a tried and tested channel that provides numerous advantages for those engaging in 1:1 communication. It allows you to target your message to a segment or captured audience and communicate relevant and engaging messages in order to build or maintain a relationship with individuals. Its tangibility and cut through means that it engages the recipient like no other channel can in order to be effective and ultimately drive response.

Personalised Print

Having the ability to produce fully personalised printed material across different substrates enables Melbourne Mail Management to assist its clients achieve personalised and relevant print communications. Whether used to acquire leads, increase sales or bolster customer loyalty. Variable Data Printing and its ability to evoke a response enable organisations to communicate their marketing messages with clarity and impact.


Mobiles are an effective means to receive messages anywhere anytime. Mobile marketing by definition is interactive, real-time and designed for the “on the go” consumer; it’s timelier than direct mail and more interactive than email. Text messaging is also unlike other media because it’s often used in tandem as a “campaign activator.” .


For numerous reasons, e-mail is the primary component of a contemporary cross-channel relationship marketing program, and has natural points of intersection with the Web and social media channels.

Compared to offline media, e-mail provides significant cost advantages, while delivering exceptional levels of intelligent personalisation. One of the key reasons for this primacy is that e-mail is a tool that allows marketers to actively control content, timing, context, brand experience, and customer contact frequency.

For marketers who have a large portion of their directly addressable market represented in an opt-in database of e-mail addresses, there is no higher-impact or lower-cost means of reaching customers to drive sales. At the same time, e-mail must work seamlessly within the overall cross-channel marketing mix – online and offline, inbound and outbound. It must also conform to the customer’s definition of what is an acceptable level of perceived “intrusiveness.”

Marketers need to move beyond the spray and pray approach and make emails more relevant

Analytics & Reporting

Online channels allow us access to a myriad of reports in relation to how data performs on a campaign level.

In addition to the basic information pertaining to email performance such as bounce backs and opens, we are able to extract and interpret detailed digital data in order to gain valuable insight into our clients behaviour and preferences.

Our ability to use such data assists us in making more informed strategic decisions in relation to how campaigns perform with both current and prospective customers by understanding the impact each channel has on customer behaviour and how well they integrate in producing an enhanced customer experience.

By possessing such statistical analysis we are better placed to make customer centric decisions by enabling you to accurately track, monitor, analyse and measure campaign results so as to respond quickly to marketing opportunities that arise as a result.

Social Media

With more than 1 billion reported social users on the web, direct marketers use social media to not only encourage interaction across channels (such as email, newsletters, direct mailings, etc.), but also to leverage known data to better target their customers and prospects with relevant, timely messages.

100,000 links shared on Facebook every twenty minutes

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