Cross Channel Marketing

cross channel

Utilising a variety of channels in a strategic & coordinated manner enables marketers to improve engagement & drive response.

Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing | Mailing House

We can assist you in achieving your Direct Mail Solutions to retain or acquire clients utilising enterprise grade direct mail infrastructure and state of the art personalisation software.

Order Management

Order Management

We are go to Melbourne Mail House for efficient picking and packing of goods, which is essential to fulfilling any orders and requests.

Essential Correspondence


Partnering with MMM ensures that your ongoing transactional campaign is accurately processed on time and as intended.

Welcome to Melbourne Mail Management

eware is a unique stock management system whereby users can order, store and track materials such as printed collateral or products online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We offer clients the ability to send messages across a variety of online digital channels such as email, mobile and web in addition to traditional offline channels like direct & unaddressed mail.

Mail House Melbourne

With ever growing technologies providing the world with new platforms for communication, mail management has become one of the most successful of these platforms and is utilised by businesses to contact relevant clients in a timely manner. MMM delivers Mail Marketing Services Melbourne businesses can utilise to achieve personalised communication that will in turn identify, gain and retain clients. Readmore...

MMM's latest technologies select the most appropriate platforms from countless communication methods and channels. The reason being it is important that your company's and your present and future client's expectations and requirements are met. We are the leading Melbourne Mailhouse, which is all thanks to our extensive range of campaign and marketing solutions, services and resources.

Our compliance, organisational excellence, systematic approach to campaigns and hi tech capabilities means you can trust us with sensitive data, which we handle securely and in accordance with data protection laws. Customer service and account management is our number one regard, and we hold many advantages to complement these two main factors. Our various channels of communication include both online and offline print, which ensures optimum context is provided in communicating with our clients. We are also capable of dealing with enterprise grade production; with much investment in leading hi tech software and machinery technologies, we can deal with the largest and most complex of campaigns via high volume mail processing and digital printing equipment. We also provide Service Level Agreements to ensure client's get the accountability and compliance regulations they deserve. Overall, we believe that as a single database communications provider, we can communicate any organisation's marketing and financial information in an enhanced, coordinated manner.

There are many services MMM provide that identify us as the number one Mail House Melbourne organisations can employ for the best in direct mail solutions. Such services include, but are not limited to, campaign planning and management, data services, content and asset management, message composition, multichannel distribution, workflow automation and integration, collateral and order management. Two particular services exclusive to MMM are Eware and Ecomail, both of which allow businesses to use Direct Mail Melbourne to take their business-client relationships to the next level of professionalism.

For your next campaign, why not request a quote, make an enquiry or simply get in contact with us via our website? You'll find we provide solutions and resources for a wide range of industries, including, but not limited to, associations, education, financial companies, government, insurance brokers, non-for-profit charities, retail and so much more. You'll also find plenty of resources such as glossaries, brochures, specifications, and terms and conditions on our site to assist you in your understanding of our terminology. The first step in developing paramount communication with your clients is communicating with us. We look forward to hearing from you. Hide content