Order Management

Melbourne Mail Management has years of experience in fulfilling job orders and packaging all sorts of materials and merchandise for local and overseas distribution.

Efficient and accurate picking and packing of goods is vital in fulfilling order requests.

MMM has a solid back end and stock management system (eware) specifically designed for ongoing fulfilment campaigns needing online ordering and accurate stock management

Examples of Pick and Pack Campaigns:
Eware Brochure
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Sample and Prize Fulfilment

Sampling has become a popular means for FMCG companies to trial and test their products with their target market and customers.

Consumers are seven times more likely to purchase a product if they have sampled it. Source: US Marketing Association, 2009.

We assist clients to improve response and access postage entitlements in addition to managing stock and collateral for one off or ongoing campaigns

Examples of Sample and Prize Fulfilment Campaigns:
Eware Brochure
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Publication & Marketing Collateral Distribution

Flyers, guides, catalogues and other publications are still an important means of communication and tool for selling products and services.

Whether you require ongoing monthly or quarterly newsletter distribution or an annual campaign, we can facilitate the means to deliver your publications and collateral.

It is estimated that catalogues reach 18.25 million Australians each week. Catalogues are also considered more trustworthy than the internet by consumers
Annual Catalogue Industry Report 2012/2013

If you require the bulk transfer and distribution of printed matter to internal users and external stakeholders, our online stock management platform (eware) enables marketing managers and coordinators to outsource and execute this function so as to remotely order, track and report on stock.

Examples of Publication and Collateral Distribution Campaigns:

eCommerce Fulfilment

In the new digital age, the growth of eCommerce has had a profound effect on the way consumers transact and behave.

We provide a back end solution to your website's online order request module

Our capability enables web based portals to integrate with our online stock management platform (eware) in order for the fulfilment function to be outsourced.

This enables the picking & packing of products to be carried out efficiently and lodged with your distributor of choice.

Examples of eCommerce Fulfilment Campaigns:

Publish on Demand

Our web to print solution allows designated users to order and publish a variety of printed and digital media, as needed, from personalized documents to e-mail programs, to customized point-of-sale materials.

Clients can tailor pricing, preferences, permissions, design customization and print parameters to fit each customer.

It empowers head office organisations to control branding and templates by provide a means for one or many users to generate orders and distribute via an easy to use online platform in order to support marketing and communication objectives.

Examples of Publish on Demand Campaigns:

Customer Acquisition & Retention

Customer Acquisition & Retention


Effectively communicating sales and promotional information and offers for products and services requires the ability to use multi channels and for both print and digital channels. We assist clients with their direct marketing requirements so as to achieve their KPI’s


We also assist our clients with Acquisition campaigns aimed at targeting current and new prospects. These help drive engagement and response to enable increases in sales and customer activation.

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