Message Composition

Achieving impactful and individualized communications whilst also having the capability to manage and distribute across multiple channels requires a partner such as Melbourne Mail Management.

Personalized & Intelligent Document Composition

Melbourne Mail Management provides the capability to compose and produce highly personalised messages across both print and digital based mediums.

We help our client’s capture their customers’ attention through relevant messages in the form of data driven images, content, charts and personalised elements. This ability empowers our clients to communicate in context and generate improved response rates.

Template and Version Control

Melbourne Mail Management provides clients the ability to keep track of all versions of templates, including who made changes, what changes were made, and when they were made, increasing accountability and communication integrity.

Multi-Format Message Composition

We’ll help you compose a message that can be output in various formats ready for distribution via mail, email, web, fax and other channels. This ensures your message can be delivered consistently via your clients’ preferred channel.

Business Rule Development & Management

We can embed complex business rules and elements within a document, ensuring organizational governance of content is taken into account when processing campaigns.


Our capability makes effective use of remaining whitespace on your document. This whitespace is utilized with marketing or operational messages that are tailored and relevant for each customer.

Personalised Imagery & Fonts

Give your campaign the edge it demands with sophisticated personalisation. Our personalised imagery and font generation technology will gain your campaign the attention it deserves.

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Direct Marketing

Eware is a unique stock management system which helps ensure your materials are efficiently managed and allows the user to order, store and track their materials online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.