Recycling Initiatives and Supplier Policies
and Processes

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Melbourne Mail Management employs a number of waste management initiatives resulting in the majority of its paper, ink cartridges and plastic refuse being recycled.

Our major supplier partners all possess high levels of environmental accreditation and policies.

Below are some of the approaches and processes undertaken by suppliers.

Integrated Recycling System

Fuji Xerox’s long-standing commitment to environmentally responsible product design means that any used parts and materials collected and recovered from Melbourne Mail Management’s facility at the end of a product’s life, will then either be remanufactured at Fuji Xerox’s Eco-Manufacturing Centre in Sydney or recycled at their Asia Pacific Integrated Recycling Centre in Thailand.

Fuji Xerox has been dedicated to resource recovery since 1995, achieving over 99% resource recovery from equipment, parts and cartridges gathered at end-of-life.

Cartridge Recovery Program

Fuji Xerox

To assist with the goal of waste-free products from waste-free factories, Melbourne Mail Management partakes in Fuji Xerox Australia’s cartridge recovery program. This program provides for the collection used cartridges and toner bottles, being collected by Fuji Xerox for recycling. The cartridge recovery program helps to reduce landfill and conserve valuable natural resources, minimising the carbon footprint on the planet.

Paper Recycling

The paper collected form our production refuse is sorted, pressed into bales and transferred to a manufacturer where the bales are shredded and mixed with water, producing separate paper fibres.

The pulp is passed through cleaning and screening equipment to remove smaller items such as paper clips, staples, plastic and grit, and then treated with chemicals and heat to remove ink and glue. The cleaned pulp is diluted with water and mixed with small amounts of paper making additives. New paper and cardboard products and packaging are then produced, using the same process required to make paper and cardboard from virgin materials.

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MMM Environmental Policy

MMM Environmental Policy

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