Collateral & Order Management

What is eware?

eware is an online order and inventory management solution that allows organisations and users to order, store and track their materials.

eware’s powerful backend provides clients the ability to have a branded online enterprise portal through which their collateral can be ordered, packed, distributed and tracked.

Online Reporting

eware provides clients the facility to view stock levels 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, via our online warehouse.

Users can log in to their secure account through their eware designated domain address, view and mange their inventory.

Users can generate & export reports on stock levels and usage at the click of a mouse. In addition, standard and custom reports can be scheduled to auto generate and distribute to approved users.

Inventory Management

eware is a powerful inventory management tool with a wide array of functionality. Manage artwork, minimum stock level notifications, SKU properties, product limits and access.
eware is also a repository for artwork. When a reprint is required, users will automatically be notified with the relevant artwork to be printed. eware constantly monitors & replenishes collateral as needed.


Melbourne Mail Management’s warehouse is ready to receive any size delivery of materials. Our warehousing team will receive, reconcile and palletise your delivery ready for warehousing.


eware is a flexible order management platform that allows clients to brand the interface, reports and alert notifications using corporate branding and colours. The “look and feel” of eware’s “front and back end” can be tailored so the user can feel they are directly logging in and utilising the company’s system. Personalised domain addresses are achieved by using subdomain addressing e.g

Online Ordering

Using eware, organisations have the ability to provide their customers online collateral ordering via either a user based portal, public microsite or, using our API, integrate eware directly into their website’s backend.

Online Tracking

eware’s ability to distribute your orders via a preferred distributor, ensures transparent and reduced distribution costs. Orders can be tracked via a URL link that takes the recipient and user directly to the distribution company’s online tracking site.

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Eware is a unique stock management system which helps ensure your materials are efficiently managed and allows the user to order, store and track their materials online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.