Essential Correspondence

All businesses produce and distribute critical financial and data based communication in order to manage relationships and achieve financial outcomes.

Documents such as bills, statements, letters, advices, reminder notices and statutory communications are all integral aspects of business processes.

Melbourne Mail Management possesses leading edge technical capabilities that allow us to accept, compose, process and distribute from various data sources an organisation's essential correspondence requirements.

By designing and building automated workflows, we are able to distribute messages across various channels in order to engage and drive response according to a client's preferred method of contact.

Key Solution Capabilities:
Transactional Brochure
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Financial Communications

A vast majority of organizations require to send invoices, statements and other essential financial communications.

Timely processing and lodgement of financial notifications can have a major impact for a business' cash flow

We provide an array of capabilities and services that employ the latest technologies in order to assist our clients take advantage of our infrastructure and communicate efficiently and effectively.

Examples of Financial Communications Campaigns:
Transactional Brochure
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Regulatory & Statutory Compliance

Institutional, Government bodies and authorities have requirements by law to comply with pre determined rules and regulations to clients, stakeholders and constituents.

Our infrastructure allows us to assist our clients comply with regulatory requirements and provide full reconciliation and tracking for audit purposes

We understand the importance of communicating timely and accurate data using traditional print and digital mediums to assist our clients in achieving their statutory obligations.

Examples of Regulatory & Statutory Compliance Campaigns:

Membership & Subscription

Associations and other member based bodies require to issue and collect fees and charges quickly and effectively.

We understand the importance of issuing renewals and reminder communication for your organisation on time and under budget

We assist clients form various industry segments generate and lodge new sign up and renewal notices which provide a valuable and essential income stream.

Examples of Membership & Subscription Campaigns:
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Invoices & Statements
Payslips & Group Certificates
Super Benefit Statements
Result Certificates
Debt Collection Notices