Quality Assurance

The main goal of Melbourne Mail Management's QA is to ensure that our services and products fulfill and exceed our client's expectations.

Our motivated personnel are all highly competent and knowledgeable in all aspects of direct mail. Years of experience and relevant qualifications, ensure that our clients feel confident that their experience with Melbourne Mail Management leaves them with a sense of partaking in a quality relationship.

Various quality initiatives and imposed standards ensure that we monitor and regulate all aspects of our service and product offering when it comes to receiving and processing materials.

Our systematic inspection and reconciliation measures result in precision processing of all campaign types that aid us in achieving positive outcomes for even the most discerning client.

Our philosophy of quality, reliability and service means we are constantly reviewing our process and systems ensuring that the highest level of accuracy and efficiency is achieved in every facet of the business.

Melbourne Mail Management has introduced a six step process that ensures your campaign is sent when and how you requested.

Our experienced campaign managers assist you through all facets of the approval, processing and lodgment process.

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Direct Marketing

Eware is a unique stock management system which helps ensure your materials are efficiently managed and allows the user to order, store and track their materials online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Direct Marketing

A progressive organization, Melbourne Mail Management has undertaken a number of initiatives aimed at reducing its impact on the environment and aligning itself with a number of ISO accredited suppliers to reduce waste and conduct its operations in a more eco friendly manner.